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Forex Expert Advisors

Top notch products
New Hope Inc. offers to customers a wide range of trading robots that all differ in the applied trading algorithms
NH Classic
NH Freedom
NH Crypto
This is a separate program that connects to your MT4/5 accounts
Broker sees only manual orders. Removed internal processing cycles for a request to open a transaction and send a request for a new tick of a broker. Fast execution time. Best product for professional traders.
The best solution for forex with HIDDEN Expert Advisor
The robot allows you to mask the orders. A unique logic is built into this version that allows you to make trades more than the specified time, now no one broker will tell you that you are using arbitrage! The Expert Advisor bypasses many broker plug-ins, which gives you a long time and work on one account.
Trading directly with the liquidity provider
The program allows you to simultaneously trade several instruments, close deals with hands, flexible settings for opening signals, convenient logging, the ability to save instrument settings and various protections when connections are broken and problems in trading.
Classic Arbitrage MT4/5/cTrader
This is a high-frequency trading robot working on arbitration strategy. The trading advisor receives quotes from the supplier (automatically from our servers) and, if there is a big discrepancy between the price and the broker, opens a order.
Only for developers
New Hope Freedom is a separate library that allows you to connect and trade on Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 accounts without a terminal. Yes, that's right, you can now implement any trading strategy in the programming language you need.
Now you can trade in forex and crypto-trading
We have developed programs for work on MT4/5 - an arbitration robot for trading cryptocurrencies. You can also trade between real exchanges in a separate program and real Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in our Crypto program.
New Hope Clicker
It is very difficult to write software for various trading platforms. Many do not have the functionality to do this, but almost everyone has the OneClick button. Therefore, it was decided to switch to a program with a click-on-signal function. Our clients use the program for trading on web-trader, binary options and other trading platforms.

In this overview page you can see the description of every single product and its old price.
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Until recently, the main class trading algorithms used in products of the company, there was arbitration. Trading robots that implement this approach to trade, used quote flows provided by many aggregation companies price data for certain financial instruments. Trading Algorithms Based on arbitration represent the most logical approach to trade. Contrary to advertising slogans, brokerage companies are in no hurry to give customers honest earned profit in cases where it was obtained using arbitration trading systems. Arbitrage deals like usually have a short duration measured in hundreds of milliseconds. With a point view of many companies, such trade is "dishonest", and transactions with lasting less than 1 second annulled.

Brokerage companies go on a series of measures opposing profit customers through the use of arbitration trading systems. Most common methods of restricting arbitrage trading with side brokerage companies are overestimate the opening time of transactions, as well using all kinds of server software parts of the trading terminal, interfering using arbitration.

In some cases, a broker may indicate a clear ban on the use of trade robots in the contract for the provision of brokerage services. However, even if in trading conditions a specific broker does not explicitly specify a ban on use of automated trading systems and minimum duration deal, a serious problem on the way
use of arbitrage trading robot may become the trading terminal itself. Wide
used meta trader 4 was originally designed with a lot of limitations for high frequency trading. Plural type restrictions used trading algorithms and intentionally overestimated time sending trade orders to server create serious obstacles use of arbitrage trading robots when using this trading terminal.

From a legal point of view, the use arbitrage trade is absolutely legitimate. Practice bans on use this class of trading systems from brokers, says only about their reluctance to improving the technical infrastructure and improving trading conditions for its customers.

To circumvent brokers restrictions on using arbitrage trading we use a number of technical solutions in our products. One of our most promising developments is best expert New Hope INSIDE. Distinctive feature of this solution is ability to trade without using trading terminal Meta Trader 4/5. The approach has a number of significant advantages in terms of compared with the implementation of the trade robot built-in programming languages MQL4 / 5.

* The opening and closing of transactions occurs up to 10 times faster than solutions competitors by use internal communication protocols between terminal and trading server broker.

* For a broker, all transactions look like made by hand. Fact detection auto broker trading is reduced to zero due to the physical absence trading robot MQL4 / 5. Trading can carried out on the accounts of any brokers providing for trade Meta Trader 4/5 terminals. Including those that prohibit trade in robots. AT in the event of a dispute, regulatory organization will be on your side, because your trading history will be include exclusively manual transactions.

* New Hope version INSIDE (Hidden) has built-in arbitration masking algorithms. The holding time of the transaction can be varied in robot settings from one minute to an hour to simulate the process of manual trading. For increase the level of imitation trade manually, the system intentionally closes the part transactions with a slight loss however profitable deals prevail in quantitative and qualitative terms, as a result, the profit on the account will have tendency to constant increase. For broker this situation will look like absolutely analogous to the one as if account traded experienced trader. Negative transactions are required for exceptions cases of non-payment of profits which unfortunately have a place to be in In cases where the trader's trading account there are extremely positive deal.
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