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From: $100

New Hope Signal is a new product of the company, where you receive trading signals from our trading robots for different instruments. Signals are received via the telegram messenger at (the moment).
We provide trading signals for all instruments and different trading platforms like Meta Trader, Binance Crypto Exchanges, Stock Exchanges, Trading Apps like Robinhood.
3 groups of products have different potential and approach to trading.

  1. A 100
  2. B 500
  3. 1000

There are two types of trading signals you can get:

  •  marked NOW, these are scalper orders, when it is necessary to open a deal immediately after its publication.
  •  unmarked, usually a mid-term order that you can place in advance.

All trading ideas with SL and TP, but we recommend using a Trailing Stop or moving trades to breakeven when profit is reached.

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