NH Trader PRO

$5 000

The New Hope Trader Pro program has become truly professional. We actively interact with customers and add to study their needs. Therefore, we allowed clients to use their own sources of fast quotes (MT4, MT5, Rithmic, LMAX, FIX API and others). You can also record real-time quotes, quick source and broker, and analyze the received data.
Now you can trade not only in MT4, MT5, but also in web platforms, FIX API, Rithmic and various FIX APIs.
Trading settings have expanded so much that you can customize any nuances in trading:

  • momentum detection time
  • spread size protection
  • closing on opposite signal
  • pause between signals or orders
    and much more.

Our customers have already appreciated this product with Maximum support, which means we will continue to develop it in the same direction.

What is include?

  • Robots support MT4/MT5/FIX API
  • Your source of fast quotes
  • Self trading program
  • Record Fast/Slow ticks
  • Fresh broker list
  • Classic strategy
  • Hidden strategy
  • Impulse strategy
  • Clicker
  • Clicker “Close mode”
  • Stream of fast quotes
  • Buy/Get a consultation
  • Longlife update
  • Personal Manager
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