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How our software can benefit you?

That’s the fundamental question. Take your time to explore our pages and discover the real value our trading robots can provide. We let our clients’ statements and many years of profit talk by themselves.

Competitive advantage

Our trading robots do not make use of MT4/5 terminals, hence they are able to increase profit by avoiding brokers' slippages, delays and plugins.

Quick-start your trading with ease

Our trading robots packages include free and fast quote feeds, a ready to use lists of brokers and good to go default settings: everything you need to start right away.

First steps to your next profit

Trading Account

Open a suitable trading account from the brokers' list provided in our trading robots packages.

Technical Setup

We install the robots to your VPS and configure its settings, answering to any question you may have.

Withdraw profit

We guarantee to help you earn a profit from trading while maintaining constant communication and feedback with you and us.

You don't get just an .exe

Real talking

No more long waiting for support emails you are used to. Our clients can contact us with all means like phone, chat, Skype and others and get a reply within minutes.

No hidden fees

The packages are made to be ready to use immediately, without additional charges or paid updates. You gain free updates for life and a set of tools to make you a profitable trader.

Safety first

Trading with standard automatic programs can be dangerous for your deposit. Our robots have a special safe-logic that constantly controls your balance and it is able to stop trading if needed.

Never Settle

We do not stand still as we continue to develop, innovate and update our software, which, with its complex algorithms, permit to achieve exceptional profitability.

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Our top-notch trading robots

New Hope Bull logo package trading systems

Novice Trader

If you are a novice trader, then this robot package is perfect for you, robots are very easy to install and show high profitability, Work stably with the Meta Trader terminal 4,5, Strader and in any online platforms, With the New Hope Clicker trading robot you can easily trade Binary Options and all kinds of online platforms where One Click Trading is used, which allows you to perform a trading operation in one click.

New Hope logo black Swan package

Confident Trader

An excellent high-yield package of robots for confident users, Now there is an opportunity to trade with HIDDEN technology, which allows you to increase income and hide arbitrage trading operations from the broker, the possibility of trading Crypto instruments, both the classic method and HIDDEN on Meta Trader 4/5 platforms. The main advantage is the ability to trade shares of global companies, in this version, you get fast quotes of Crypto, Stocks and a standard set.

Black Swan New Hope Logo

Expert Trader

The most profitable and high-tech trading systems, the PRO version of trading systems is completely controlled from your personal account, you can manage, monitor, trade from your smartphone, there are no analogues, INSIDE technology allows you to perform multi-line trading operations without delay bypassing many Windows and terminal cycles, a separate program runs on Meta Trader protocols, bypasses broker plugins, the information panel will help you immediately determine whether a broker is working or not. FIX API is a separate program for trading FIX API accounts, allows you to trade directly with the liquidity provider bypassing the broker.

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