NH Trader

$3 000

The New Hope Trader program is ideal for beginners who have little experience and do not want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to set up a trading robot and select settings. This is a light version of the professional version, a lot of settings are cut down here and there is no trading through FIX API. The only available basic strategies.

What is the difference between NHT and NHT Pro. If you are a trader who has little experience with these strategies, then the NHT option will be ideal for you, as it is easy to enter. And with the growth of your experience and understanding of strategies, you can upgrade to the NHT Pro version.

Those traders who already clearly understand what they are doing and how to achieve more income, better conditions – they certainly choose NHT Pro. There are no restrictions on their actions for them and they can check many trading options.

What is include?

  • Robots support MT4/MT5
  • Self trading program
  • Classic strategy
  • Hidden strategy
  • Impulse strategy
  • Clicker
  • Clicker “Close mode”
  • Stream of fast quotes
  • Longlife update
  • Personal Manager
  • One time broker list + set files
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