Open best Trading Robots for Forex, Crypto and Stock Market. Use the fastest feed included in each packadge. Professional forex software.

  • NH Trader

    $3 000

    What is the difference between NHT and NHT Pro. If you are a trader who has little experience with these strategies, then the NHT option will be ideal for you, as it is easy to enter. And with the growth of your experience and understanding of strategies, you can upgrade to the NHT Pro version.
    Those traders who already clearly understand what they are doing and how to achieve more income, better conditions – they certainly choose NHT Pro. There are no restrictions on their actions for them and they can check many trading options.

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  • NH Trader PRO logo

    NH Trader PRO

    $5 000

    The New Hope Trader program is the result of our 10 years of experience. We simplified the design, the architecture of the robot. Every trader can quickly and easily start trading with the New Hope Trader robot. In the settings left only the most necessary. All complex functions and trade protection have been automated. A detailed instruction has been developed, a video for installing, configuring and starting the robot.

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  • Trading robots “New Logic”

    $5 000

    A new robot that allows you to trade without borders. Brokers do not block your trading account. This product is designed for long-range trading in profit. First of all, this system was developed for companies and corporations of Hedge Funds. The system shows excellent results with large deposits and the new logic does not allow brokers to block this system.

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  • Trading Signal

    From: $100

    New Hope Signal is a new product of the company, where you receive trading signals from our trading robots for different instruments. We provide trading signals for all instruments and different trading platforms like Meta Trader, Binance Crypto Exchanges, Stock Exchanges, Trading Apps like Robinhood.

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  • Expert Trader – trading robots software set

    $3 000
    • New Hope INSIDE PRO Classic/Hidden
    • New Hope INSIDE Classic/Hidden/2leg
    • New Hope INSIDE Crypto/Hidden/2leg
    • New Hope FIX API Classic/Hidden/2leg
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  • Confident Trader – trading robots software set

    From: $2 000
    • New Hope Hidden
    • New Hope Crypto/Hidden
    • New Hope Crypto/Classic
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  • Novice Trader – trading robots software set

    From: $500
    • New Hope Classic
    • New Hope Clicker
    • New Hope cTrader
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  • api logo new hope products

    Protocols MetaTrader – FREEDOM

    $3 000

    The open API protocol or FIX API is designed to exchange financial information. This protocol was specifically designed for financial markets to transfer large amounts of information as quickly as possible. Currently, it is used by the vast majority of market participants to establish interaction between computer systems and, in fact, it is a communication standard.

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