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    What is New Hope INSIDE Pro?

    This is a program developed by our company for auto trading with brokers with
    MT4 and MT5 terminals. A distinctive feature of our programs is that trading is
    carried out WITHOUT using the MT4 or MT5 terminal. Programs trade directly
    through protocols. This provides customers with a number of advantages:

    • All trades are open by hand. It is difficult for a broker to see auto trading;
    • The speed of opening closing is much faster (especially for MT4);
    • Protection of your deposit in PreSafe Logic;
    • Broker plug-in recognition system;
    • The program trades even in brokers where auto trading is prohibited!!!
    • Hidden strategy trades trades of any duration
    • Management of any number of trading accounts and licenses from one
      personal account.
      Our programs trade by identifying impulse signals and enter in the direction of
      the trend movement. The profit from trading our robots depends on many factors
      and ranges from 20 to 200% per month.
      This package includes:
      • New Hope INSIDE Classic
      • New Hope INSIDE Hidden
      • Sources of fast data (Lmax)
      • Optionally include sources of fast quotes (CQG, Rithmic, Bank Stock, IQ).
      • Our support

    Main changes:

    1. Minimum steps to start trading

    The work of our support team pointed to the places that created difficulties for
    clients. One of these places was the installation of the program on the server.
    Now the client only needs to run 1 driver to get started. Then run the exe file of
    the program and that’s it. All other configuration steps are already in the browser
    or through the mobile application (in development).

    2. Manage trading accounts from one place

    During active trading through INSIDE generations 1, 2 and 3, we have developed
    programs to manage all active client licenses from 1 computer or VPS. But this
    posed a number of complications:

    • the program worked only from a computer
    • it was difficult to track the status of each trading account, because licenses
      were kept.

    This problem is completely solved in new products. You initially have 1 account
    and any products are connected to it.
    Now we are actively optimizing the workspace in the client’s personal account.
    Also a huge advantage is the ability to manage your trade through a mobile
    browser. The personal account is easily adaptable to any mobile device and
    allows you to do what you love from anywhere.

    3. Optimized work with fast data sources

    Previous versions always used the optional New Hope FEEDs.
    Starting with this generation of products, it is no longer there. Now you do not
    need to install additional drivers, drive in license keys, check the firewall for the
    ability to interact with the market date distribution server. All interaction with the
    selection of a fast data source has been moved to the tool settings.
    Previously, it was possible to work with only one data source – for example,
    Lmax. This means that you trade all instruments at once, comparing only with
    Lmax. That is why we have removed other fast data sources such as CQG,
    Rithmic, Bank Stock. They were simply not used for a number of reasons.
    Now, when setting up each tool, you can select ANY source of fast data from
    those available for this tool. You can easily trade EURUSD by comparing it with
    Rithmic, and US30 with Lmax.
    This means that now the fast data sources will have a choice: LMAX, Rithmic,
    CQG, Bank stock.

    4. Auto-update or convenient notification of new versions of the program

    Starting with the new generation, all updates will be visible in your personal


    If a product update has been released, the update button will glow brightly in
    gold, and on top of the LC there is an inscription warning that you are running old
    versions of programs.

    5. Add product news feed

    Some customers have repeatedly requested to share news in reports, company
    plans, training videos from product updates.
    Now in the LC, in addition to update notifications at the bottom of your personal
    account, there is a product update feed, where you can receive all the relevant
    information on changes.

    6. Automated technical support system

    Now all customers of new products can get fast and convenient support. We
    have integrated the support section into the personal account menu. You can
    follow the link and leave your application with a description of the problem,
    indicating your account.

    image 2

    Our team will be able to quickly check and solve any difficulty. We can easily
    check your trade settings and make changes. Due to the remote control of
    trading programs, there is no need to give access to your server.

    For more information, see the product description section.

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