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    Lately more and more people have been getting interested in an opportunity to gain some extra revenue via High Frequency trading, however, many newbies get repelled by the specific terminology, which seem too way complicated and barely understandable. Nevertheless, if a one scrutinizes all the nuances of the basic terms of the trading market, then it gets quite possible to almost effortlessly perceive all this difficult trader’s vocabulary. Today we’re going to consider such a word combination as “highfrequency trading” (ot HFT, if we take a look at its abbreviation).

    The core of high­frequency trading, in a nutshell, comes to the point that the innovative computers and detailed, well­developed algorithms are applied for committing fast trades (in the other words, fast deals) on the market, for example, on Forex. Unique trading strategies of HFT use automated trading mechanisms instead of the human­controlled ones, because the powerful artificial intelligence allows to buy and sell positions within just milliseconds. A computer analyzes all default data and suggests the optimal conditions for automated trading.

    How does high­ frequency trading work?

    The main goal being pursued by HFT is pretty simple: opening and closure of short­term positions happens for creating the better circumstances for a trader to gain, at least, insignificant profit and to remain in the positive balance after each committed deal. Although benefits might seem not so impressive, it shouldn’t become an obstacle for a trader, because HFT’s strength is the quantity of deals. It means quantity becomes quality, if there are a lot of deals to commit. However, an average user may question us, why high­frequency trading has a tendency to raise its popularity. Let’s get focused on this aspect in depth.

    So, one of the reasons of HFT development is front running strategy. It has actually become a motivating, moving engine for the whole industry. Our company New Hope actively applies it on practice for developing and launching the newest arbitrage solutions on the market, and this topic will be paid attention to a bit further. To outrun your rival like in a racing game becomes the general principle of front running method, because latency (when a trader gets orders) is capable of providing advantages to that certain side, which receives the crucial information about a deal before their opposing side. Access to the data is the most important part here, and as much earlier a one gets it, as more beneficial the trade would be to them.

    Arbitrage strategies – High Frequency Trading

    High­frequency trading often gives more advantages to this or that participant of the deal due to such phenomenon as latency. Milliseconds can really play the vital role in this rivalry, and this factor may decide who will get the profit ­ you as a trader, or a broker. It is absolutely obvious that many newbies in trading (and even the experienced ones) are being constantly worried about this problem. Who will access the data first? And how to avoid this anxiety? Such emotion is normal and understandable because all your money depend on just such a short period of time. We in New Hope offer you a complex solution for fixing this problem. Even realization of how our products work may already help you to make the right choice when looking for the best software in the latency arbitrage field.

    We are happy to announce you the launch of HFT arbitrage 2021. What is important to take into consideration when comparing our software with that one you had probably known about before? Arethey similar in terms of their functions? First of all, let’s take a loot at such a crucial circumstance as colocation. It is the optimal way of placing your engines on the provider’s territory, where all parties which are interested in trading and somehow related to it, can use computers, containing dynamically changing data regarding quotes, currencies, prices and other essential parameters.

    Naturally, it requires highly powerful servers. Our company New Hope has its own servers, therefore we can afford ourselves to refuse from renting already pre­installed servers. The reasons of our refusal is that such servers may contain outdated software, whereas our own servers have only actual software, which is usually updated in a timely fashion, and they are located in LD7. Wouldn’t you agree with a statement that an attempt to win some extra milliseconds demands only very modern software of the highest quality. It is indispensable not to underestimate the importance of speedy work when trading.

    Aside from good hardware and software, comfortable trading should also has another inevitable element ­ the high­speed internet connection. Stability of connection directly impacts the data transfer’s speed, which leads to the necessity to have powerful LAN cards, because an ability to send a huge load of data to a user within milliseconds plays the utmost crucial role in latency arbitrage. Consequently, summarizing all the aforementioned statements, we highly recommend to consider the opportunities we may provide.

    What are T Algorithms and why are they important in arbitrage?

    Various software developers have been thinking over for a while how to improve automated trading. For making it true, specifically for Forex trading robots are being created lately, their other name is arbitrage advisors. Unfortunately, their common flaw is lack of general coordinated logic of work.Due to that most of them only push traders to jump into the abyss of constant losses and despair, instead of such a long awaited revenue. But what to do in this case, you might ask? New Hope has been developing arbitrage robots since 2013, therefore our specialists know all these processes in depth, like insiders, for example, how to correctly write the code for an arbitrage robot and how to avoid measures of protection coming from the brokerage company against you as a trader.

    Objectively speaking, this valuable knowledge can be called one of the reasons why our trading experts have the real chance to increase their profit. It is essential to keep in mind that everything depends on your right choice of the arbitrage robot, even your trading strategy, because for committing orders each millisecond is very important, and if you don’t have this small amount of time, it may correspondingly lead you to the significant losses. That’s why it should become our priority to find the only one optimal arbitrage robot, if you want to make your deals beneficial.

    What kinds of risks may the usage of trading robot bring?

    First of all, any trader should always remember that trading on Forex is already risky by default and unpredictable to the certain extent. However, the risks might be minimized if you would stick to some easy rules. What does it take not to become a bankrupt and to remain among traders as long as possible? Our experts are going to give you some advice, which are highly recommended to follow in order to not to let stressful situations occur.

    If you have already come to understanding how a latency arbitrage robot works, then it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to use only small amounts of money when trading and keep in check your robot’s operations. However, these seemingly primitive steps may be hard for those who don’t fully realize what Forex trading means to them. There’s a huge percent of people who perceive trading as something risky, exciting and just like a fun hobby, but this opinion is so wrong in the core. Trading is a very responsible and serious job, remember that.

    In some situations a trader will have to close a position by themselves, in a handing manner, like it used to be before the arbitrage robots had been invented. Such probability has to be kept in mind just in case because sometimes unpredictable things happen, and it wouldn’t be odd to consider this scenario in order to save your deposit and escape unwanted, totally undesirable risks. Accuracy, attentiveness, even nitpickiness and an ability to handle psychological pressure have to become your permanent personality traits. And it will surely require some time to train these qualities in your nature or ot increase, to strengthen them if you already have them, but not in the needed extent. Fore Forex trading all these features are irreplaceable.

    Does HFT arbitrage 2021 work?

    Robots which are being developed by us in New Hope, have a friendly and intuitively understandable interface for a trader. You have a chance to individually set up all the parameters for yourself, and this will make your trading safe. For doing so it would be necessary to set up the limits when the robot must stop the trade (in terms of the certain percentage of your balance). Moreover, during some new events of news on the market our robots don’t use terminals. It is sadly known that one of the aggressive strategies which brokers like to apply, is deliberate turnoff of terminals for traders.

    What does it lead to? Obviously, a temporary unavailability of the terminal with the most important data for committing a deal negatively affects traders and, particularly, their accounts. While the terminal is turned off, it gets impossible to close an open position, and this obstable definitely leads to huge financial losses, up to losing your deposit you have had in the very beginning. We in New Hope have found out how to avoid these forced restrictions from the brokerage companies, and it gets absolutely real with our robot HFT arbitrage 2021, which will help you, despite any prohibitions, to close your positions. As you can see, these visible advantages of work with our product allow you to work on Forex with confidence that your trading activity will be profitable.

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