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    What are trading signals?

    This is a clear trading idea for a subject asset that a trader receives to make a trade at a specific price and at a specific time. Helping both experienced and novice traders in trading.

    By having a good trading provider, you save yourself time, nerves and get good training in the process of trading, analyzing each trade. Not everyone has time to follow the chart 24/7 and a sufficient level to make a trading decision.

    Each trader decides for themself how to use this tool. You can increase profits not only for yourself, but also become a manager and receive commissions not only from profits, but also from commissions received by becoming a personal provider.

    New Hope Trading Signals.

    We have successfully implemented our cross-platform project to provide trading signals. We do not use analysts in our project. All signals are realized through our trading robot, which we have been developing for the last 2 years, this is not an arbitrage – high-frequency robot, this is definitely a new kind of algorithmic system using the values ​​​​of large banks (in real time) and the Bloomberg portal.

    This system is fully automated and can work independently, but the automated trading system will not go on sale. The only right decision was to create a subscription trading signals, New Hope Signal. Since the system is cross-platform and can work absolutely on any market and on any trading platform, the possibility of Automatic mailing (copying trades) is difficult to implement, since trading signals are suitable for all types of trading markets. You can trade on the Binance exchange or any other crypto exchange or use the QUIK terminal to trade on the stock exchange or use trading signals for the Robinhood platform or Interactive Brokers.

    Clients will receive information about the signal (at this stage) through the Telegram messenger, now we are implementing options in the form of SMS and email. Each trader evaluates the risks personally and, based on his experience, decides how much to make a trading operation and whether to make it at all or not.

    Paid and free signals.

    At the initial stage, we implemented free signals in our Telegram group, but the number of signals is limited, no more than 5 trading ideas per week. This will be fair to customers, because now everyone can try it for free and decide on a subscription.

    There are also separate paid groups 100 / 500 / 1000 US Dollars per month. Each group is divided not only by pricing, but also by the number of signals per day, the 100 group includes signals from all trading platforms – stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, metals.

    In the 500 group, each of them negotiates its trading platforms, and signals are sent to a specific trading platform.

    Group 1000 – you get a personal manager, and the ability to individually connect your trading platform to our trading system. Perhaps you want to receive signals for a specific trading platform and for certain trading instruments. An automated solution is created for the client, each exact signal for the selected instruments will be sent to the client in the Telegram chat bot.

    Signals timeframe.

    The duration of trading ideas depends on the specific group you choose, free groups and group 100 are closer to medium-term trading ideas. In groups 500 and 1000 there are short-term transactions, in group 1000 everything is discussed individually, depending on the wishes of the client.

    All ideas will have a short description, such as entry price, approximate SL and TP levels. Each trader can change these parameters depending on their risks and trading experience. In case of force majeure and the reversal of the transaction, a warning and a new decision will be sent.

    Profitability of trading ideas.

    It all depends on your deposit volume, leverage and the platform where you trade. There are trading instruments and platforms for which you can receive up to 100 signals per day, there are other platforms with a very small frequency of trading signals, everything is individual.

    The free group was created not to make money, but to get acquainted with our product, so the number of signals is the smallest. In paid groups, you can count on a sure profit of your deposit. Everyone determines the risks for themself, so there is no single answer to the question of how much you can earn.

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