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New Hope Inc. company is developing software for trading in Forex and provides it under the commercial license since 2013. Our products are modern and dynamic tools for financial, currency and crypto operations.
Advantages such as high speed and robustness of the New Hope software led us to one of the leader positions on the market.
At the beginning of the project we made utilities for Meta Trader 4 platform for our own trading aims. The first arbitrage robot, called New Hope EA, was able to highly optimize trading process to get a profit greater than 200%. After this success we started to develop full-featured tools for financial and currency markets.
Our strategy takes care of all clients' needs; it includes the best ways to optimize brokers, liquidity providers and aggregator services. We take into account actual requirements of our customers.

You can significantly improve your profitability by addressing one or more problems below:

Problems operating with the Fix API protocol
Low performance → more high-frequency solutions are needed
Disruptions with your brokers and hence customer frustration
Troubles with hardware and software → it is necessary to update the functionality
Desire to find a software which truly works
Existing analogies in the market
You can find your solution in our feature set. Why this statement is true? Just look to the brief description of company's advantages.
We have an updated cluster of high-frequency software services on Linux platform. It is in production and works stable since 2018. Speed and stability are very important for trading processes as any delay can be critical.

We continuously improve and support our array of products. It includes arbitrage trading robots such as New Hope EA MT4/MT5/cTrader and New Hope CrypTOP, which provides the ability of high-frequency working with the Fix API protocol. Moreover, there is a program called New Hope Clicker, which is an auto-clicker available to a wide range of browsers and platforms.

We are constantly working to make our programs faster, more stable and user-friendly. So, if you have a business associated with Forex, MetaTrader brokers, liquidity providers and aggregators, you can operate more profitably using our software.

More information about the products can be found on this website. You are welcome to ask any questions about the software and its integration and share your user experience.