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    The dynamic development of exchange trading leads to the need to revise the current trading forex strategies that are profitable. More and more people are wondering how to choose forex strategies that work. Today we are going to be discussing how to pay attention to several successful strategies that can increase your income level. Let’s consider them in more detail.

    man using different forex strategies
    Man using forex strategies

    First of all, it should be noted that these techniques can even be regarded as forex strategies for beginners. The availability of their application allows both experienced and novice traders to easily navigate the intricacies of forex trading. The indisputable advantage of these strategies is their complete automation, which gives the user confidence in the reliability and efficiency of trading.

    Among the best trading techniques that have positively proven themselves in practice, one should highlight such as arbitrage high-frequency forex strategy, trading on the news and using an API (application programming interface) in order to assign all technical and analytical tasks for a transaction to an advisor robot, which will prove itself as a useful tool for competent work on the exchange.

    Arbitrage high frequency forex strategy

    The New Hope team has been working with trading robots based on arbitration logic using HFT algorithms for many years. We have been backtesting forex strategies in order to invent the best one. The thing is that such a forex strategy shows the maximum profit in a short period of time and is absolutely safe, protecting you from potential loss of your deposit. We care about the interests of traders and take into account their needs when developing robots.

    Undoubtedly, an important factor influencing the success of your trade is the software that you trust to conduct a transaction. Currently, the choice of such programs is quite diverse, and any trader has the opportunity to experience the advantages and disadvantages of the software that is on the market today. However, market research shows that people are increasingly switching to New Hope INSIDE products.

    There is a forex strategy that actually works. We have revealed the key principles of truly profitable HFT trading, and their whole essence is embodied in the robots of the Black Swan package. Using any of the products of this line, you can be sure that your funds are not exposed to any risks, because we have introduced a new Pre Safe Logic parameter, with which you can always set the maximum allowable percentage of loss from your deposit, and the robot will stop trading and will close all orders.

    How HFT arbitration works, its advantages and disadvantages

    High frequency arbitration has a feature like latency. You can often find its alternative name “delay arbitrage”. It is milliseconds that are of paramount importance in HFT arbitrage, due to which a trader has a chance to get data on quotes before the broker and have time to make a profitable deal for themselves. How does this happen, and why is this forex strategy successful?

    Its essence lies in the fact that there is a fast source of quotes, which knows where the price will go, and the arbitration advisor trades with the “slow broker” at the moment of the price gap, that is, the robot opens a buy or sell order and then takes profit. The robot receives fast quotes from a fast source, and then compares the stop information that the slow broker has. All that remains is to open a deal and make a profit. Thus, there are many advantages to this automated forex strategy and don’t forget using a good and fast VPS server.

    high frequency trading forex strategies
    Examaple how it works: High Frequency Trading Forex Strategies

    Benefits of HFT arbitration

    Artificial intelligence is many times more powerful than human intelligence when it comes to the speed of analysis of data entering the system. People physically do not have the ability to calculate all the hypothetical advantages and risks of a particular transaction so quickly, only an arbitrage robot can do it. The probability of losing your deposit is reduced to negligible fractions of interest, and the opportunity to make good money on HFT arbitrage, on the contrary, is high.

    In the long term, high-frequency arbitration will continue its active development due to its relevance and efficiency. According to statistics, HFT algorithms are used by ordinary traders and the largest banks, as well as hedge funds, which leads to significant competition among such systems. As long as the global currency and stock market is alive, the creation of programs for HFT arbitration remains an urgent agenda for the best programmers of leading companies.

    If you decide to engage in arbitrage using your robot, you should know from whom you plan to take profit. Best of all, Michael Lewis spoke about the work of HFT algorithms in his forex strategy book “Flash Boys: The High Frequency Revolution on Wall Street”. This guide will allow you to better understand how to engage in HFT trading, what the basics of effective forex strategies, scalping, day trading, forex indicators are and other specialized terms are needed for a deep understanding of the topic of stock trading.

    Disadvantages of HFT arbitration and the optimal solution to the problem

    Of course, like any other trading mechanism, sometimes such a forex strategy doesn’t work under a number of factors that negatively affect the very possibility of its use. Most high frequency arbitrage software developers don’t take into account the fact that users will inevitably have technical difficulties when trying to trade.

    These problems are that you will need to open accounts on various platforms to find fast quotes, in addition, you will need knowledge and practical skills in setting up software for trading, especially when it comes to FIX API connection. Agree, not every average trader can say with confidence that they are so competent in this area, particularly, in forex exchange strategies or in forex strategies for scalpers.

    Obviously, every novice trader is interested in the question: how to cope with such a task and is there a forex strategy for you? We at New Hope set our mission to help users with a minimum amount of knowledge about high-frequency arbitration, so in New Hope packages you don’t need to do complicated work, since we did it all for you, you don’t need to pay money for fast streams, although they do this many forex providers for their forex strategies. We provide you with a completely finished product without investment, from your side you only need to open a trading account and transfer (optionally) the data to our specialists if you need help with setup.

    Trading on the news

    Benefits of news trading

    Another promising area of ​​Forex trading is news trading. If you have good enough analytical skills, a sharp and discerning mind, some categories of people who are suitable for such a strategy can significantly increase their income due to speculation on currency fluctuations. It is known that these are extremely unstable and sharply changing indicators that are in direct relationship with macroeconomic events.

    Let’s say forex strategies and analytics for day trading can be actively used when trading on news using high-frequency trading technologies. Also, like arbitrage, this type of trading has certain advantages. You can apply forex price action strategy here as well. One of the obvious advantages is that it doesn’t require a long stage of preliminary work to study complex strategic mechanisms. The main prerequisite will only be media monitoring, which is a relatively easy task.

    HFT robots help to simplify analytical processes when trading on news, as well as in other cases of high frequency trading. Even a novice trader can play on global economic cataclysms, up to serious crises caused by various foreign policy reasons, and enrich themselves by competently building the course of the transaction. Several studies confirm that automated robots can stabilize the market.

    Disadvantages of trading on news.

    However, trading on news has several significant drawbacks, which we also consider as necessary to tell everyone interested in this topic. The fact is that this type of trading is gaining popularity, and this cannot suit the eternal opponents of traders, that is, brokers who are starting to actively fight this phenomenon. In order to ruin the success of your trade, they can hinder you when you are using the MetaTrader4 platform.

    How will they manage to do this? And what are the forex strategies for MT4? The essence of brokers’ opposition to those who try to trade on the news through a robot is reduced to an increase in the order execution time, an increase in the spread, and also to the installation of special plugins to make it impossible to open or close a position at the current price. However, even these shortcomings can in fact be reasonably eliminated. We at New Hope are ready to offer the optimal solution to the problem.

    Forex strategies are explained by us in detail and are available even for beginners when setting up a menu of robots developed by us, which are suitable for trading on the news. The user-friendly interface of the program, the ability to set the parameters so that you can bypass the artificial limitations of the broker, will allow any trader to successfully wrap the economic events taking place in the world in their favor.

    Forex trading API strategy: pros and cons.

    More and more traders are looking for ways to find Forex strategies that really work and help avoid unwanted sanctions from brokers. Most clients use the FIX API package for trading because, as everyone knows, API trading helps you bypass the broker, which gives you the advantages of trading without plugins and delays. According to the latest reports from our clients, we understand that they make most of their trades through the API, as well as the growth from the deposit.

    Trading through an automated assistant has a number of tangible advantages that you have probably heard about before. These advantages have already become a decisive factor when looking for the best strategy for effective forex trading. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of trading via the API. Since there are many positive aspects here, let’s highlight the main ones:

    • the API can cover many more variables than the user would do manually;
    • analysis of indicator readings and correlation of assets that are bundled here are easier and faster to be performed by an API robot;
    • while the robot automatically performs the work for you, you have the opportunity to leave the computer and devote time to other things;
    • the robot never gets tired, unlike a person, and therefore its working potential can bring much more profit due to the longer duration of the work process;
    • one cannot fail to note the high accuracy of mathematical operations with a minimum fraction of error, since the human intellect does not have a power comparable to a fast machine;
    • and, of course, the psychological factor should be taken into account, since the API is not influenced by emotions, but works impartially.

    If this Forex strategy has so many positive aspects, then does it have any negative sides? Yes, they are also inevitable to face, so you should be aware of these negative moments and consider them when choosing this trading mechanism. The main disadvantages of trading via API are:

    • the emergence of difficulties with settings and correct connection via the API protocol;
    • the initial requirement is the presence of certain knowledge in the field of working with the API;
    • time spent on mastering the strategy.

    However, do not be intimidated and think that this opportunity is only suitable for more experienced traders. We at New Hope help each client we customize the API system individually for its most productive use. Our API robots can give you a great start to successfully trade and apply truly working forex ea strategies that will bring you profit.

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