Trading robots “Fix API” package

Trading robots “Fix API” package

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The open API protocol or FIX API is designed to exchange financial information. This protocol was specifically designed for financial markets to transfer large amounts of information as quickly as possible. Currently, it is used by the vast majority of market participants to establish interaction between computer systems and, in fact, it is a communication standard.

Any trader with a high­frequency trading strategy strives to reduce delays in receiving data, as well as processing, forming and sending an order to open a deal. The only reliable method is to create your own trading program that will interact with the trading server based on open or closed protocols.

For the popular Meta Trader 4 and 5 programs, which have their own private communication protocol, the communication protocol was deciphered and robots New Hope INSIDE MT4 and MT5 were developed. New Hope FIX API robots were developed for the open FIX API protocol.

Each version has its own characteristics and options for trading.

A distinctive feature of trading on the FIX API protocol is high profitability and the absence of plugins.


New Hope FIX API Classic

The trading program with the Classic strategy is a classic trading on the difference between fast and slow quotes, where trades usually last from 0.005 to 1 second.
The program allows you to trade up to 10 instruments simultaneously. There are a number of additional settings that make it possible to set up trading with holding positions along the trend. The best option for beginners to work with the FIX API.

FIX API Hidden

The trading program with the Hidden strategy came from INSIDE robots with holding positions by placing orders. Some Liquid Providers and Brokers allow you to trade counter orders within the same account (Hedge). Therefore, this robot is EXTREMELY relevant for such variants of trading conditions.

Distinctive advantages of the robot:

  • long trades of any duration.
  • an order imposition system that allows you to mask HFT trading.

FIX API Hidden 2 leg

The trading program with the Hidden 2Leg strategy is an updated version of the Hidden strategy designed for trading between two accounts. It allows you to overlap with opposite orders and at the same time create long­term deals with high income. It is almost impossible to define an HFT strategy when trading between 2 accounts.

Distinctive advantages of the robot:

  • long trades of any duration without counter orders
  • overlay system between accounts, allows you to hide HFT trading MAXIMUM
  • an innovation among these types of robots and the lack of competition in trading.


New Hope Freedom is a 4/5 meta trader terminal library, open source that allows you to connect and trade without a terminal. Now you can implement any trading strategy in the programming language you need using this library. This library is constantly updated, we send updates free of charge.

Through the New Hope Freedom library, you can work with all types of orders: limit, pending, current. You also get all account data: balance, equity, free margin, current open orders and much more. The library can be connected to any terminal and trade through it.

Distinctive advantages of the robot:

  • speed up HFT trading.
  • hide the advisor trade from the broker (manual trades).
  • connect a ready­made trading program to an account for MT4 and MT5 without a terminal.
  • connect author’s indicators, correlators and other complex strategies.
  • connect information from other sources without losing data for transmission and processing.
  • develop your own robot in any programming language.

Advantages of using FREEDOM with conventional robots:

  • Meta Trader 4 and 5 cycles are missing.
  • the ability to trade without Windows cycles.
  • no data garbage (quotes of unnecessary instruments, news feed, mail­box, etc.)
  • the broker sees only MANUAL trades.
  • connection of any modules from third­party programs.
  • the ability to support a large number of orders without freezing the terminal.
  • flexible conditions for development in any programming language.
  • automatic creation of trading keys before the first deal.

How To Use


  • VPS server based closer to London LD4 location (Lmax)
  • Windows Server OS
  • CPU 2 vCPU
  • Memory 4096MB RAM
  • Storage 20GB disk space
  • Fast quote feed installed and connected
  • Appropiate trading account created and activated
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