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    New Hope Update – INSIDE 3.1

    New Hope Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the New Hope INSIDE 3.1 series. Absolutely all versions of the programs have been updated:

    • Meta Trader 4
    • Meta Trader 5
    • FIX API
    • Meta Trader 4 Crypto
    • Meta Trader 5 Crypto

    List of changes:

    • fixed display time difference. DIFF displayed history for the last 10 minutes, and in quotes for 20 minutes.
    • the load on the server with graphics has been reduced by 5 times by disabling the rendering of the visualization in the minimized state and the state of inactive display.
    • fixed work of programs with some brokers with instant execution. With the new version of the protocol, sometimes a failure came due to an invalid array.
    • the logic for determining signals from 2.5 and earlier versions is fully returned. Bid – Ask settlement will be added in version 3.2 as an alternative.
    • minor graphical changes (position of buttons, layering graphics, etc.).
    • changed auto-reconnect when rebooting the server from the broker’s side. Now the connection key is generated correctly according to new trading sessions.
    • the conditions of new sessions have been corrected for the distribution stream of Bank Stock and Crypto for correct operation during server reboots at banks.
    • fixed saving configs in the set.program folder

    All updates have been sent by mail. If you have not received the update, then please contact us in any way convenient for you. We wish you profitable trading!

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