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    New Hope Inc. is pleased to announce that all New Hope INSIDE products have dropped from $ 15,000 to $ 10,000. Which means the price has been reduced by 30%. Technology does not stand still, and our company continues to develop. Currently we are developing many new products and projects: TOP OF BOOK, CrypTOP 2.0, INSIDE Crypto API and others, which are still in the closed development phase. Information about new products will
    appear on the website and in our social networks.

    We create products that we ourselves use for making money. This allowed us to create an ecosystem of customers with developers, where we exchange experiences, mistakes, ideas. Thanks to your requests, INSIDE 3rd generation has been developed with real-time visualization of quotes. Thanks
    to the ecosystem, we quickly receive feedback and refine new products. Some clients participate in closed backtesting of new versions.

    We have made a decision that products should be more accessible to people. INSIDE technologies have been tested for more than 2.5 years of successful and high quality trading. It is important to note that the price includes:

    • free software updates
    • updates due to changes in platform protocols
    • free tech support
    • free fast data streams like Bank Stock and Lmax, Crypto1 and Crypto2 – feeds for crypto products.
    • refund system.

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