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    New Hope UK Ltd. pleased to announce update has been released for all products of the INSIDE series.

    The main changes of New Hope INSIDE 2.4:

    • Updated communication protocol with MT4 and MT5 server.
    • optimized and improved data transfer rate between New Hope Feed and New Hope INSIDE, which will allow to better process all ticks even at the time of strong volatility
    • new trailing stop formulas are registered
    • Spread check was done when protecting the extension
    • New instructions for robots have been worked out.
    • MT4 versions updated logs.
    • MT5 version updated log files, logs are kept and adapted for correct reading.
    • 2Leg versions received a spread adjustment, displays the correct slippage, opens correctly the transactions by the start timer.
    • version of the FIX API fixed display in the log files: slippage and profit
    • minor bug fixes.

    All updates were sent via email. If you have not received a letter, then please contact technical support or use the form below.

    Have a good trade.

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