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    New Hope INSIDE 3.3 series

    New Hope Inc. is glad to announce the release of the New Hope INSIDE 3.3 series.

    Absolutely all versions of the programs have been updated:

    • Meta Trader 4
    • Meta Trader 5
    • FIX API
    • Meta Trader 4 Crypto
    • Meta Trader 5 Crypto
    • New Hope FEED (Lmax, Bank Stock, Crypto)

    List of changes:

    – added verification window when starting the program. After the first input of data, the program will save them and it will be enough to click “OK”.

    – added new column “Profit (pip)” for instruments. Now you will be able to understand which instruments are earning and which ones are better off due to the lack of signals or the presence of slippage. Please note that at the beginning of the start of trading according to the Hidden strategy, it will write negative values ​​of profit in points. In the future, take this into account when calculating profit.

    – for convenience, the Log button has appeared at the bottom right. The program periodically cleans the Logs area and it is difficult to quickly view all the necessary information over a long period of time. Now by clicking the Log button, you can immediately view all the logs for the current trading session.

    – now after each deal (opening and closing) the program additionally writes the date (day, month, year) and equity to the log. This has been added for easy data analysis. In order for this data to be displayed in the program logs, you need to go to the settings and check the “Log Date and Balance” box.

    – a new “Ping” field has appeared in the upper information table. With it, you can view what ping from your program to the broker’s trading server or exchange.

    – from the INSIDE 2.5 version, the inscription of changing the settings of trading instruments was returned. Now the changed settings are not written in the program log, but the inscription “run new setting” appears.

    – for INSIDE Crypto, the method of transferring data within the operating system has been changed for a larger number of digits. Initially, the method was adjusted to the options of the Forex industry and the number was less.

    – changed the algorithm for drawing and aligning quotes in the “chart” function.

    – fixed error in calculating auto offset. It used to get activated every 20 minutes. Now you can set any value. If you are interested in checking different methods for calculating “Auto offset”, then leave your requests. We have several options: Linear, CRS, Regression. Based on various tests, a decision was made to work with a standard calculation. Perhaps in future versions we will make it possible to select them in the settings.

    – fixed offset for Crude Oil and Brent Oil.

    – fixed other visual errors.

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