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    INSIDE for new platforms

    New Hope Inc. is pleased to announce the release of New Hope INSIDE products for the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 platforms.

    In 2021, we continue to expand our product line and now it is the turn of other operating systems. Sometimes we receive the requests to develop INSIDE for Linux. We always ask you to explain the reasons why this should be done. And here we have put together a basic list of benefits:

    • free operating system. Windows costs $ 20 per month for each VPS.
    • the ability to choose the base operating system (ubunte, fedora, CentOS, debian, etc.).
    • the load of the operating system itself on VDS (VPS) is much lower than the load of Windows. This allows you to trade many more instruments without delays and losses. You can trade freely during very high volatility and earn more.
    • no loops like in Windows (15-16 ms). To be more specific, Linux has 1ms cycles, but in many respects it is still much better than Windows.
    • Linux has complete confidentiality of information. Absolutely everyone knows about many flaws in the Windows code and information is merged regularly.
    • Linux has a high level of security, which is especially important for working in financial markets.

    Our team agrees on some points and the benchmark results show that the profitability through the Linux operating system is slightly higher.

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