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New Hope Inc. started as an initiative of several traders whose goal was to create a highly profitable trading robot. During the development we took into account the multiple nuances of the pricing logic for the financial instruments of the currency and securities market. The accumulated experience, a lot of independently conducted research and a team of specialists in their field with a high level of technical and financial background, allowed us to create a professional-level software products.
First success
Our first created trading robot obtained a high level of profitability. Trade was conducted on our own financial assets, and subsequently, on the funds of investors.
Consolidating trust
Later on, many other automated trading systems were developed. All solutions developed by us were used, among other things, for carrying out trading operations on the accounts of our investors. Over time, trust management has become one of the main activities of our company.
Strategy innovation
Then, a certain part of our clients started to constantly contact us with requests to acquire our trading robots. This was because we were delivering great results by utilizing our robots on clients' accounts. Therefore, one of the main goals of the company became the development of complete ready-to-use solutions for the end user.
The trading algorithms developed by us are distinguished by a high degree of complexity, in consequence of which it is crucial to create a convenient and user-friendly interface. Our goal is to provide our clients with a complete solution that requires minimal configuration, but at the same time ensuring a systematic profit in constantly changing market conditions.
One of the many urgent issues that an investor has to face is the problem of taxation. Usually, tax deductions make up a substantial portion of the profits. Unfortunately, many investors are not sufficiently aware of the tax laws of their country.

New Hope advises its clients on the full range of issues related to income taxation. Specialists of the company are always ready to consider each individual case. It is important for us that our clients receive the maximum return on their own investments. Therefore, for us optimizing income taxation is one of the main topics to deal with.

Moreover, another primary activity of New Hope is legal assistance in creating a broker company. When deciding to establish a brokerage business, the future owner inevitably faces many legal problems. Cooperating with us, our clients can concentrate on marketing and advertising of the future company, while our team will resolve all legal and organizational issues relating to the operation of a brokerage company.
We are open to a face-to-face dialogue and do not limit ourselves to on-line communication.
On the website there are two reserved areas, registration on which opens up access to more detailed information regarding investments and various forms of cooperation.
We are convinced that it is impossible to cooperate at best just using Web communication, so we are ready for personal meetings with our clients.
A variety of activities on the subject of business and investment, as well as personal meetings, are, in our opinion, the best format to discuss and share ideas.
The core values of our company revolve around the importance of working with people who share common goals and interests. Only being in a team of like-minded people who are passionate about the common idea enables the achievement of financial success through the realization of lofty goals.