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    New Hope Inc. no longer supports New Hope INSIDE software of the versions 2.5 and earlier ones.
    We are reminding you that since the beginning of 2021, New Hope INSIDE 3.0 has been released.

    The new generation includes:

    • the core of the program has been changed to speed up data calculation
    • Visual graph of ticks of fast and slow data sources
    • Difference of ticks on the chart (Diff)
    • View open trades and trading history
    • Protection functions

    Since the 1st of February the company will stop supporting early generations’ versions. We realize that the transition to 3.0 takes time to understand the new interface and features. The new version of the New Hope FEED (Bank Stock) program is also supported only by the new generation INSIDE 3.0 and higher.
    For all questions, please contact technical support for help and descriptions of new features.

    new hope inside hidden stop update
    New Hope INSIDE HIDDEN 2.5 v

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