BIG UPDATE – 3.2 for INSIDE Products. Update for Crypto, Feed, MT4/5.

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    New Update 3.2

    New Hope Inc. we glad to announce the release of the New Hope INSIDE 3.2 series for all versions of the products have been updated:

    • Meta Trader 4
    • Meta Trader 5
    • FIX API
    • Meta Trader 4 Crypto
    • Meta Trader 5 Crypto
    • New Hope FEED (Lmax, Bank Stock, Crypto)

    Update List:

    • The load on the server with the minimized New Hope FEED (LMAX, BANK STOCK, Crypto) is reduced by disabling the graphical display. Earlier in 3.1 it was added only for INSIDE programs.
    • New Hope Crypto has a new stream of two instruments: BTCUSD and ETHUSD.
    • Now tick history and DIFF are saved when switching instruments.
    • Removed pause when switching between tick charts. Now the delay can only be created when generating display graphs.
    • Changed the recalculation of quotes. It has become more sophisticated and correctly calculates the difference even in a non-volatile market. All calculations now take into account the number of ticks.
    • Fixed bug with VirtSL. Some brokers did not work because of the difference in digest.
    • Based on the test results, we settled on a trading logic of 2.5. The definition of signals by Bid-Ask is hidden for further tests.
    • Changed auto-reconnect when rebooting the server from the broker’s side. Now the connection key is generated correctly according to new trading sessions.
    • For MT4 versions, the sizes of packages for receiving and processing data from the broker’s server have been corrected. In the new version of Meta Trader 4 from MetaQuotes, the sizes of data packages have been changed. We assume that this was done on purpose.
    • Added separate transmission channels for LMAX stream for frequently used instruments.
    • Fixed bug with autosave settings in cases of closing by mistake or “hard” restarting the server.
    • Minor graphic changes (position of buttons, layering graphics, etc.).
    • Other fixed bugs not included in the list.
      All updates were sent by mail. If you have not received the update, then please contact us in any way convenient for you.

    Crypto, MT4/5 terminals, FEED.

    Update List:

    • New Hope Feed updated to highlight individual connections and feed quotes for selected top-of-the-line instruments.
    • New Hope Crypto added a third data stream with 4 instruments: BTCUSD, BTCEUR, ETHUSD, ETHEUR.
    • Updated cryptocurrency robots to version 1.2.2. They have added a list of trading instruments with a third new stream of fast quotes.

    All updates have been sent to clients. If you have not received an update letter, please contact us in any convenient way.

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