Поток NH EA robots


At first we were looking for faster quotes and found the best suppliers. Then they began to optimize the code of the adviser and came to the version of New Hope 4. *. * Generation, where many platform delays were removed. But it still did not solve many problems. As a result, it was decided to open the platform and start working using internal protocols Meta Trader 4/5.

So turned New Hope Inside. This is an independent program that connects to all accounts of the Meta Trader 4/5 platform. Now we are as close as possible to the ideal:

- there are no internal cycles of the platform, which made it possible to make a comparison of fast and slow broker quotes. (MT4 5-40 ms, MT5 5-15 ms)

- there are no internal processing cycles for a request to open a transaction and send a request for a new tick of a broker. (MT4 -15-80 ms, MT5 2-5 ms)

- at the same time sending a request to open - New Hope Inside in 100% of situations was faster. (MT4 2-10 ms, MT5 1-5 ms)

- ALL TRANSACTIONS are open hands. Broker believes that we are trading in manual mode. Many anti-scalping plug-ins miss manual trades.

- in cases of a disputable situation with the broker. The regulator will ALWAYS be on your side, since you have manual transactions. For the regulator this is a good reason.

When testing in real conditions, we found that New Hope Inside opens trades 30-90 ms earlier than any adviser through the Meta Trader 4 platform. Manual transactions allowed us to bypass some broker plug-ins, as well as trade where ROBOT TRADE is DISABLED.We developed New Hope Inside for Meta Trader 5. It allows everything the same, but the shortened time on internal cycles is 15-35 ms. But it is also an excellent show especially for brokers, where the execution is 30-60 ms))))

Using this product is very simple. You need to open an account with an MT4 / 5 broker, enter your login and password, and also specify the server name. Setting up the tools almost coincides with the setting of the Meta Trader 4/5 advisor.

The kit includes automatic quotes:

London: LMAX

New York: LMAX, CQG, Rithmic, CQG, IQFeed

Tokio: LMAX

The company considers individual customer flows both for distribution and for connecting them to a separate program New Hope INSIDE