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The history of the creation and development of the best company
New Hope Inc. has been involved in investment and trading for many years. The company's journey has started thanks to the project of several professional traders who set themselves the task of creating a highly profitable trading robot.
An automated trading system was developed on an arbitration model of work thanks to many years of experience in trading in financial markets and a lot of research. The profitability of the developed system exceeded the indicators of many competing solutions.

New Hope
We are always one step ahead
The logic of price movements in financial markets is subject to constant changes. Many trading algorithms, that until yesterday performed with a high level of profitability, today may deliver near-zero or even negative results. Therefore, researching into the effectiveness of various classes of trading systems is a prerequisite for creating profitable trading robots.

In New Hope, we pay close attention to the development of trading algorithms. The high professional level of technical specialists of the company allows you to take advantage of excellent trading softwares. The team of New Hope professionals is represented by experts with a great mathematical background. Our experienced system programmers and specialists in reverse engineering, have sufficient qualifications to analyze the logic of the trading terminals. All these skills allow the team to develop trading algorithms of any level of complexity.
We use effective contemporary approaches to create highly profitable trading systems such as insider stock information and the effective management of the volume of trading applications.
Moreover, we actively use New Hope software to manage our clients' trading accounts in the securities and Forex markets. Our fiduciary services are the most suitable for investors who do not have the willing or the ability to independently use our trading robots.

In addition to the development of software products, our company offers various investment projects.
The scope of our competencies includes a range of services for the creation of brokerage companies and their support in the course of their activities.
We provide a full range of services for the registration of companies in offshore zones, as well as the necessary bank accounts.

Our specialists have extensive experience in reducing and optimizing the tax burden of your business, which allows you to increase the amount of net profit.
It is necessary to be our privileged client in order to clarify the legal aspects of services and obtain more detailed information, which will be available in your personal account - Private.