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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide demo or trial software?
No, at the moment we don't provide demo or trial versions as we are confident that the robots work. For this reason, we provide support during the initial steps of the users.
Can I refund my funds?
Yes, you can refund the money for the purchase. We have several ways to get a refund, please read our terms and conditions.
What will I get after purchase?
It varies depending on what you buy; usually you get the sofrware, quick quotes, a list of brokers, settings, and of course our support.
Can you show me a list of brokers where you trade?
Yes, they are available the personal area, accessible via login. It is activated when a purchase is made. We periodically refresh the information in that area, such as the list of brokers for our customers.
Is it a one-time payment?
Yes, after the purchase the robots acquired will work without time limitations and they will receive future updates for FREE.
Can you manage my account to reach 10.000 USD and after that I will pay for your product?
No, If you want your account to be managed, we accept no less than 50.000 USD