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There are 2 types of trading protocols: open and closed. Closed protocols include communication between trading client platforms and brokers' servers. But open protocols include those that are used for communication between banks, exchanges, liquid providers, aggregators and brokers.

An open API protocol or FIX API is designed to exchange financial information. This protocol has been specifically designed for financial markets to transfer large amounts of information as quickly as possible. Currently, it is used by the vast majority of market participants to establish interaction between computer systems and, in fact, is the standard of communication.

Any trader with a high-frequency trading strategy seeks to reduce delays in receiving data, as well as in processing, generating and sending an application for opening a transaction. The only sure way is to create your own trading program that will interact with the trading server on the basis of open or closed protocols.

For the popular Meta Trader 4 and 5 programs, which have their own private communication protocol, the communication protocol was decrypted and the New Hope INSIDE MT4 and MT5 robots were developed. And for the open FIX API protocol, the New Hope FIX API robots were developed.
At the moment, these are 3 robots with different strategies:
- FIX API Classic
- FIX API Hidden
- FIX API Hidden 2Leg
Each version has its own characteristics and applications in trade.
Classic Strategy is a classic trading at fast quotes, where transactions mostly last from 5 ms to 1 second. It is also possible to set up trading with holding positions on the trend.
Hidden strategy is a strategy that came from INSIDE robots with holding positions by the method of placing orders. Some Liquid providers and brokers allow you to trade counter orders within the same account (Hedge). Therefore, this robot is extremely relevant for such options for trading conditions.

The Hidden Strategy 2Leg is an updated version of the Hidden Strategy. Used to trade between two accounts. Allows you to overlap with counter orders and at the same time create long-term transactions with high income. It is almost impossible to define an HFT strategy when trading between 2 accounts.

In order to get a FIX API or API, a connection for trading with a broker must be associated with managers. Typically, you can start trading with $ 2500-5000 and above.
A distinctive feature of trading on the FIX API protocol is high profitability and the absence of plug-ins.
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