NH Cryptop
New Hope CrypTOP is an arbitration robot for trading crypto currencies between exchanges. The automatic algorithm tracks the price spread between the exchanges for the specified instruments and enters positions in order to wait for the closing of the price and close them for the indicated total profit. The strategy is without risk, as the prices of exchanges sooner or later equalize and you only have to close positions.
Trade in crypto currency is a safe and reliable place to earn money. Due to the fact that we work with the glasses of applications, we are always sure that we will get our profit.

To start trading on 5 exchanges, it's enough for 0.05 BTC and 500 $. We recommend trading on the maximum number of available exchanges, as arbitrage situations will be greater and the income will increase.

At the moment, the trade is conducted on these exchanges:
Binance, HITBTC, OKex, BITTREX, Huobi, Kraken, Poloniex, XBTCe, LIVECOIN, Yobit and e.t.c.

We will add new exchanges as customers interest and changes in the capitalization of exchanges.
Everything is implemented so easily and clearly that you do not even need to remove the server for work or install programs. It is enough to enter your personal cabinet, specify API exchange keys and start earning.

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