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New Hope INSIDE 2.0 Release

Hello. New Hope Inc LTD is pleased to announce the new version of New Hope INSIDE 2.0 of all varieties. It has long been no news from us.
We are engaged in the optimization of protocols for INSIDE and it gave its results. MT5 brokers with a performance of 5-20 ms.

We remind you that the number of licenses is limited to 101 copies because of the need. Currently there are 62 copies left. In the future, the sale of this product will be closed.

The list of changes affected only:

- changed the external design of the program. Therefore, there was no need to attract a beautiful candy wrapper. We appreciate the content! It was decided to make a nice design.

a reconnect system
a reconnect system was created when the connection with the broker server was broken.
support up to 50
support up to 50 orders simultaneously. Previously, with the simultaneous management of more than 20 orders, failures began. It was connected with the "best" operating system Windows.
stable to communicate
all New Hope INSIDE programs have become more stable to communicate with the fast quotes server. Increased bandwidth ticks.
INSIDE Meta Trader 5
for INSIDE Meta Trader 5, eliminated the need to copy the entire config folder. All files are now generated by the program itself, except for the broker's server route file. Work continues.

for Meta Trader 5, the system for working with callback brokers has been redesigned.

FIX API retention connections.
the system is identical to the FIX API retention connections
view of open positions and trading history.
for Meta Trader 4 versions, added view of open positions and trading history.
for the Hidden versions, the function of multi-orders on 1 instrument was added in order to pick up more movements in the volatile market. Read more in the instructions.
Added program New Hope Giga. It is useful to those who want to control their accounts and VDS. With one click of a button you can turn off trading on all accounts at once.
Here you add all your active accounts and the program displays all information and the ability to disable and enable accounts.
- Also updated New Hope Feeds. It updated the design, fixed several technical points on the logs.
Currently, New Hope Analysis is being developed and tested. It includes functions for comparing Diff, time delays, spreads, quotes history of a fast quotes provider and broker.

If you have not received the update, then write to us in Skype, chat or email. Successful trade
03 August / 2019