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Ok, I got it.
We are pleased to announce the release of a new product New Hope INSIDE QUIK.


QUIK platform.
The QUIK program is known for trading on various exchanges. We developed a remote protocol connection and trade through the New Hope INSIDE program for the QUIK platform.

When trading on the exchange, you have a number of advantages, such as the absence of canceled profit, good execution, a large number of instruments. The main reason why we chose the QUIK platform is the excellent conditions for delivering orders to the trading server and the unique conditions for communicating with the server. This saves time on the placement and execution of orders on the exchange faster than others.

For convenience, functionality is used, as in the INSIDE versions, for maximum convenience and quick start of trading. All trade is conducted directly from our program.

At startup, you need to run QUIK to connect to the trading server. The program was developed in November 2019 and tests were carried out for 4 months, which allowed us to optimize trade and identify errors.

Hurry up to buy this robot, since on the stock exchange the number of participants can affect the acceptable volume for a good entry over time.
We wish you all a successful trading.
New Hope Inc Ltd.