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New 2Leg EA by New Hope Inc


New Hope Inc. does not stand still and continue to develop the direction of HFT trade. We are pleased to offer you the latest news:

- NH INSIDE Hidden 2Leg MT4
- NH INSIDE Hidden 2Leg MT5
- NH Hidden 2Leg FIX API
- NH Hidden FIX API.

Now let's learn more about them. The first 4 robots allow you to work on the HIDDEN strategy between 2 accounts. Let us describe in more detail the principle of this strategy. The robot connects simultaneously to two accounts and then it trades between them according to the HIDDEN strategy, where orders are divided between two buy and sell accounts.

The main difference from the classic two-legged locking robots is the hiden strategy. This allows you to mask the trade as much as possible, and the broker will not even be able to determine your trading method

In classic two-legged locking robots, the broker easily determines the strategy by the time of opening and closing orders. The HIDDEN strategy allows you to avoid this and increases the time of orders from the specified time to the day.

More than 70 clients on real accounts have already tested the hidden strategy. Its uniqueness and reliability is proved by a huge number of customer thanks, backed by profitable trading reports, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

The main problem that clients face when trading 2Leg strategy is the "transfer" of money from one account to another. In our robots, a special algorithm is written to start trading by logic with a variable change in the direction of transactions. In case of a protracted trend, this algorithm will allow you to align deposits.

Additional data for both accounts has been added to the account settings and the logic of stopping trading has been introduced in cases of a strong overflow of a deposit to one of the accounts with a % swap.

Products for their trading terminals will be included in the current packages:

NH Black Swan MT4
NH Black Swan MT5
NH FIX API (Now this is a package of 3 robots). The price of the NH FIX API package is $ 15,000.

Only 1 NH INSIDE MT4-MT5 product is separate.
This program allows you to trade between MT4 and MT5 accounts. This product cannot belong to any of the packages. Therefore, it was decided to make it as a separate product for $ 15,000. If an NH Black Swan package customer buys it, then the price is $ 5,000. If a customer of NH Black Swan MT4 and MT5 packages buys it, then the price is $ 3000.