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Ok, I got it.

Greetings! New Hope inc Ltd. is pleased to announce a brand-new stream of fast data

Let's start by saying that the company has not published news related to the development of new products or updates of current products for a long time. All this is because we were testing trade streams. We checked over 10 data providers, going from cheap "Rithmic" analogues and ending with expensive bank's streams. Almost all the streams we observed were constantly slower than ours. BUT… one of those turned out to be consistently faster in the US trading session. This is due to the fact that it is located in the USA, and this is the Banking price stream.

According to the results of measurements and tests on real accounts, it was possible to identify a difference of 50-130ms compared to our best available connection "Lmax". The difference was even up to 400ms during high volatility peaks due to important world news.

Now let's move on to the pleasant part of all this - all future customers that acquire NH INSIDE will receive this stream automatically. Instead, who already owns a NH INSIDE, must pay +$2000 per connection (which is paid separately for each new connection).

You can view the tests' results of the LMAX and Bank Flow tests on our YouTube channel.