New Hope Freedom is a separate library that allows you to connect and trade in MetaTrader 4 and Meta Trader 5 accounts without a terminal. Yes, that's right, you can now implement any trading strategy in the programming language you need.

Let's consider the advantages of writing a robot without the Meta Trader trading terminal:

- there are no cycles of Meta Trader 4 and 5

- the ability to trade without cycles Windows

- there is no data garbage (quotes for unnecessary tools, news feed, mail box, etc.)

- the broker sees only MANUAL transactions

- connect any modules from third-party programs

- the ability to support a large number of orders without the terminal hanging

- flexible conditions for development in any programming language

- automatic creation of trade keys before the first transaction

Through the New Hope Freedom library, you can work with all types of orders: limit orders, pending orders, current orders. Also, you get all the account data: balance, equity, free margin, current open orders and more. The library can be connected to any terminal and to trade through it.

The library is suitable for any developer:

- speed up HFT trading

- hide advisor trading from a broker (manual transactions)

- connect the ready trading program to the account for MT4 and MT5 without a terminal

- connect author indicators, correlators and other complex strategies

- connect information from other sources without loss of data for transmission and processing.

- develop your own robot in any programming language

We offer you to break free with us of the shackles of old and heavy Meta Trader 4 and 5 terminals. Believe me, having tried the development freedom of robots 1 time, you will not return to the terminal.

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